Commissions Guide

  • Portrait (Shoulders Up).
  • Simple colored background only.
  • $50 per person ($35 for each additional person in the same commission).
  • Upfront payment via Paypal only.

If you require a half/full body portrait, complex background, pets, flowers, decorative elements, etc – please give me a clear description of what you need and I will calculate a price for you. *(A lot of people ask if adding the little “sparkles“ are extra and no, they are not. I usually add them, so let me know if you DON‘T them.)

Important Info:

  • The more details/descriptions you provide me, the easier it is for me to create your vision.*
  • Please screenshot and attach any of my artwork(s) from instagram so I know what you like.
  • Please supply at least 2 reference photos, unless you want me to reference a specific photo exactly the way it is.
  • I will send a rough sketch for you to approve before finalizing the commission.
  • One round of small changes only, no major redraws. Any more changes after that will be charged seperately and according to the complexity.
  • Please remember that your portrait is drawn in my own style, and is my artistic interpretation of you/your photo.
  • Completed commissions are sent in high quality via email (square format: 4000px x 4000px, 300dpi). If you need your portrait in another/larger size, or in a different aspect ratio (instead of square) – please include this with your description when sending the references.

How I Work:

  • Until further notice I‘m opening 8 slots per month.
  • A Monday slot and Thursday slot per week.
  • A confirmed payment secures your slot.
  • Once your slot/date is secured, I will only start your commission on THAT date, and will (in most cases) send the completed commission 1 week later. For example, if your slot is Monday, May 3rd 2021 – you can expect your finished commission by Monday, May 10th 2021.
  • This will of course depend on how fast your respond to emails/approve your sketch.
  • I don‘t provide any refunds for completed commissions, but will consider partial refunds if for any reason you want to cancel your commission during the process. This works on a case to case basis.

*What A Clear Description Looks Like:

  • A portrait, shoulders up of just me (reference photo 1).
  • Can you please draw me wearing the shirt in (reference photo 2).
  • If you can include this necklace (reference photo 3) it would be awesome, because it‘s really special to me.
  • I really like the color palette and general aesthetic of these 2 illustrations from your instagram (reference photo 4 & 5). If that works.
  • Simple background, whatever color works best with everything else. I like the squarish backgrounds you do!